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It all began in 1998 with a dream and a vision of a business that could provide a living for two families.  The idea was simple and the philosophy of offering great products at a great price proved successful for many years and continues today.  Captain Terry Putman and Captain Don Dixon started out in small 800 sq foot warehouse and made deliveries with a small fiberglass boat. 

The business throughout the years has grown much larger than Captain Putman or Captain Dixon could have ever dreamed of.  Captain Putman has since passed, but he is still remembered by many of the early customers who are still working on the boats.  Captain Dixon sold the company to Jeremy and Julie Putman in 2004.  Captain Dixon is still in the industry.  He owns and operates a tugboat in Dubuque. 

In the old days it was just Terry and Donny, now we have 30 plus employees. Today we have over 12,000 square feet of warehousing and storage space.  We are a warehouse not a shopping service.  We stock what we sell.  What does this mean for you the customer?  Simple!  We have one job to do and we do it better than any other grocery vendor on the Upper Mississippi River. From short turn around times on deliveries to last minute order changes.  We can accommodate almost anything.  When we fill our grocery orders we don't have to push off the day old stuff to our customers.  We guarantee our product is fresh when delivered and was properly handled from our dock to your refrigerator.  Our specially built delivery boats have freezers on board to properly maintain temperatures.  Our delivery vans and trucks have refer units as well.  We can handle any size orders from tow boats to dredges.  We have the people, the equipment, the process and are fully inspected by the State of Iowa and the USDA. 

 We also operate 6 tug boats in 4 states.